We are merging ministry and technology.

Our Calling

We have been called by God to share His Word and #BeAWave4Christ through technology and community.

Fulfilling the Call

We are utilizing existing technologies, such as social media, to share God's Word and developing our own technologies and resources to build a platform where ministries, ministers, educators, and researchers can share resources that empower other ministries and educate individuals.


We are making a difference through a variety of projects, each with a different mission.


WDM Courses is a Biblical and ministry education and knowledge platform for everyone.

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Our web tool for connecting people with local, national, and global ministries.

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WDM Act is a ministry project to bring positive change to our nation by presenting a Biblical perspective on current issues we are facing.

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Web Design

Ministry websites do not need to cost a lot, and we make sure they don't! From design to launch, we got it covered.

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